​​​Dog Training For Life

​​​​​​​Services   :    Only Private lesson, House call 

North & West Vancouver, near Second Narrows         bridge, Downtown Vancouver BC Canada 

1st appointment :

Behavioural Consultation& Assessment

All behaviour has meaning. I will assess your dog and in its environment. Are your dog`s behavioural problems coming from breed related instinct or life experience or trauma ? I would like to find out the cause of the behaviour. Then I will suggest some solutions for your dog`s specific behavioural problems with considering your dog`s breed and personality. Also I will explain our training theory and approach.

1hr 30mins     $80 


Aggressive or reactive dog  

                               Consultation and Assessment
1 hour and 30 mins     $100 

From 2nd appointment : Obedience Training

I will coach you and guide you to train your own dog to build working relationship with your dog. 

1hr lesson    $65 


Package discount Deal: pre paid 5 training lessons  

*Expire date: 6 months from the purchase

5 training lessons     $300


Dog Walking (Private walk) + Basic walking training

Service area only on North and West Vancouver BC

1hr Walk    $40

Dog Training Boot Camp Walk (Private walk)

Service area only on North and West Vancouver BC

1hr  Boot Camp Walk    $50

* Raven Woods Drive community discounts are available for people                                       who live on Raven Woods Drive. Please ask me.