Graduated and works at the International College of Canine Behavioral Science

Use Dog Psychology 

Understanding how dogs think and therefore behave. All behaviour has meaning!!!.

Training  Theory :

 Canine Behaviourist

​& Dog Trainer

Yasuko Bonkowski

I was born in Tokyo. I moved to Canada in 1996.

I graduated from the International College of Canine Behavioral ScienceI took a professional dog trainer beginner program, an advanced obedience instructor agility program, a recreational tracking training program, and a personal protection training program.

I have become an instructor at the International College of Canine Behavioral Science since 2002  and still teaching students who wanted to be dog trainers. Also I started  my own dog training business in Vancouver BC and had a radio show on a Japanese station giving dog behavioral advice and training tips for over 8 years.

As a canine behaviourist, it is very important to understand how our dog thinks and behaves. That is why I educate and help dog owners understand their own dog and improve their communication with it. 

My approach to each dog is different because all dogs have different personalities. The right training approach is the key to succeed. My mottos are "there are no stupid dogs" and "all behaviour has meaning". I love to help dog owners and their dogs have a happy life together. So, please contact me.

I am a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Dog Trainers.

No Treats, No physical pain 

We don`t use treats for training, No grabbing, No growling at our dog.

 Kuma (my beloved demo dog)

​​​Dog Training For Life
Build a good working relationship

When your dog respects you as a leader of the pack, your dog will cooperate and listen to you